Information: Start of group courses: September 2, 2024

The practice of yoga is the path to liberation: freedom from the restrictions and obligations we impose on ourselves. Yoga teaches us that freedom means having a mind free of obsessive thoughts and emotions, and a body free of tension. Yoga is an ancient and practical science and philosophy. We work with the body and the breath, but our aim is to calm the mind so as to feel more serene.


What are the benefits of yoga?

A weekly yoga practice helps you feel calmer and more grounded. Instead of feeling nervous, exhausted, overwhelmed and experiencing body tension, you’ll start to feel relaxed, recharged and confident. A calm mind in a relaxed body!

What is group yoga?

Maria’s group classes focus on joint mobility, muscle tone, body awareness and breath quality, while improving concentration and relaxing body and mind.

Maria adapts her teaching to the group and its needs, using different branches of yoga: hatha yoga, yin, joint and gland exercises, restorative yoga, deep relaxation practices, concentration practices.

yoga collectif

Different types of yoga in group classes?

Yoga Restorative

yoga restorative

This course is recommended for people with underlying anxiety, breathing problems and difficulties in relaxing and letting go after work. This course helps you to relax body tension and reduce the state of alertness, to reduce the loss of energy. Also recommended for people with health problems such as headaches, lower back pain and depression.

Last but not least, this course helps you prepare for sleep.

What to expect?

Restorative Yoga is practiced with a set of materials provided (blanket, bolsters, brick…) to support the body and relax. The body relaxes in each posture, and so does the mind. This practice is suitable for beginners and initiates alike.

Wake up Morning flow

wake up morning flow

This class is for all early risers who want to recharge their bodies with movement and breathing exercises. It’s a way of taking care of your body and maintaining your physical health.

What to expect?

This is a gentle vinyasa (flow) class that gently awakens swollen joints and tense areas of the body through progressive mobilization. The class includes breathing exercises, dynamic flows and ends with a short relaxation session.

Lunchtime Flow

lunch time flow

This is a gentle vinyasa (flow) class that allows beginners and initiated alike to participate. This class is for anyone who likes to do their yoga practice before lunch and fill their body with vital force (prana) just before eating. Some people report that this practice just before lunch makes them feel less hungry afterwards.

For this course, students must be in good general health (no low-back pain, no regular sciatica, no recent surgery…).

What to expect?

This is a warm-up practice (sun salutations, planks, fire breath) as we want to activate the fire in our digestive tract to aid digestion and elimination. We finish with a calming and balancing pranayama practice.

Saturday Morning Bliss

For those who want to pamper themselves with a sense of self-love and recharge their bodies. This practice is open to all.

What to expect?

This is an opportunity to take the time to practice yoga as it is taught in traditional circles. This is a hatha yoga-style class with a full hour and a half of practice. In hatha yoga, we need time between asanas (postures) to relax the body, and we play a lot with tension and relaxation to allow the body to be a vessel for the circulation of energy. In this course, we start with meditation, breath-movement synchronization exercises, pranayama and breathing practices, postures and a long guided relaxation.

Classes information

Classes are taught by Maria Miguel Ribeiro.

Maria is passionate about yoga and its effects.

Private lessons are organized on request.

Group courses 2024/2025 :

  • semester 1: September 2 to February 2 ( 18 sessions)
  • semester 2: February 3 to June 29 ( 18 sessions)
Monday 20h30 to 21h30


Maximum 8 participants

Tuesday 7h30 to 8h30


Maximum 10 participants

Wed 12h30 to 13h30


Maximum 10 participants

Wed 20h30 to 21h30


Maximum 8 participants

Thursday 8h30 to 9h30


Maximum 10 participants

Saterday 09h00 to 10h30


Maximum 10 participants


Half-yearly group course
630 CHF

18 one-hour sessions/semester - registration for a specific course (day and time)

Half-yearly group course
810 CHF

18 sessions of one and a half hours/semester - Saturday Morning Bliss

Group trial lesson
35 CHF

Join us for a test drive