Yoga is a discipline that aims to bring physical and mental well-being through the practice of a set of postures and breathing and meditation exercises. Originally practiced in ancient India, this discipline is now widely adopted in the West!

There are several forms of yoga, each with its own specificities. The forms of yoga that we will be able to put in place will be developed at the establishment of the programs.

The benefits of YOGA

  • Relax and strengthen muscles: yoga postures are varied to stretch all the major muscle groups.
  • Improving balance: the work of the postures and concentration allows to significantly improve one’s balance.
  • Stress reduction: the attention paid to the body and breathing allows you to be aware of yourself and to oxygenate your muscles.

Who is it for?

For all – courses are held in semi-private or private settings and will be tailored to your needs.

Course timetable

Schedule to come – course available at the fall 2021


Rates to come – course available at the beginning of the fall 2021

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