appareil de biorésonance

Bioresonance is a technique will identifyelectromagnetic anomalies” within the organs and rectify them by sending signals of very weak intensity.

Bioresonance at La Clinique naturelle with our specialist Philippe Lavigne (ASCA).

Any form of waste material contains vibrating energy and emits energy

Each living being, each part of the body, each cell, each bacterium, each virus, each plant … in short, all natural or chemical substances emit energy in the form of vibrations according to a wavelength and its own characteristic frequency. The healthy human body therefore emits a beam of waves – of various lengths and frequencies – ( which correspond to all the organs), the total measure of which represents a homogeneous curve.

Cells communicate with each other

The vibrations transmitted by each cell are used for communication. Science has been able to demonstrate that in each organism there is an intercellular communication which makes it possible to regulate functioning (growth, secretion, etc.).
In a healthy body, intercellular communication is harmonious. This allows each cell, respectively each part of the body, to accomplish its task for the benefit of the balance of the whole organism.
Some influences or noxious substances can “parasitize” the communication between cells. Noxious substances (toxic substances, viruses, bacteria, etc.) or physical agents (irradiation, pollution, etc.) will therefore act on the body, they will create interference and disrupt communication between cells.
The factors responsible for the disturbance of vibratory frequencies are numerous:

  • bad nutrition
  • poor lifestyle
  • stress or emotional shock
  • food, environmental or cosmetic allergens
  • vaccines
  • drugs
  • presence of electrical or electromagnetic disturbances at home or at work
  • toxic metals

Disrupted cell-to-cell communication can cause symptoms or diseases

If communication between cells is interfered, cell work can be disrupted. The consequences will appear more or less quickly: indefinite discomfort, reduced performance, chronic fatigue … 
If the disturbance lasts, this can lead to organic changes (organ damage) accompanied by symptoms specific to a disease.

Concept credibility

In the concept of bioresonance, molecules in the body emit electromagnetic waves. These present a typical spectrum for each person, formed of harmonious and discordant parts.

Bioresonance is intended for the pathologies below:

  • eczema
  • asthma
  • hay fever
  • food allergy
  • atopic dermatitis
  • migraine
  • rheumatic diseases
  • dental or jaw problems
  • chronic pain
  • stress, overwork
  • chronic fatigue syndrome

The energy balance, how does it work?

This new and patented process, which has been widely proven throughout the world, is based on the computer analysis of the body’s energy flows. This technology makes it possible to measure in an extremely precise way, organ by organ and system by system, the physiological state of the individual.

Preparation of the session

“To make his diagnosis”, the therapist uses an electronic device connected to the patient by electrodes. The session takes place as follows:

First step, analysis: An analysis established in just 8 minutes gives all the elements necessary to set the best order and intensity of the treatment steps. During these 8 minutes, several thousand frequencies pass through the electrodes in the patient’s body, then are analyzed by the computer (like a sonar). The disturbing electromagnetic vibrations are then presented in the form of graphs.
Second step, the treatment: after the measurement, the therapist analyzes the results and sets the treatment priorities and their intensity. The vibrations are transformed and reintroduced into the body as therapeutic vibrations. The disturbed waves are thus neutralized. This generates the strengthening of the body’s own immune defenses and activates the mechanisms of spontaneous regeneration. The duration of treatment depends on the disease and the patient.


First session
160 CHF

1st session 1h30

One session
140 CHF

1 session 1h