Gaz Test

The Gas Test is a non-invasive breath test that measures exhaled gases; in particular hydrogen and methyl acetate.

These exhaled gases are indicators of fermentation.

The GAS TEST is carried out using a very reliable device:


Gas Detect

There are two measures taken, one on an empty stomach, then a second one two hours later after consuming a sweet drink. We can thus assess the way in which the intestine assimilates sugars.

This allows us to know if there is dysbiosis or malabsorption and to understand possible dysfunctions of the digestive system.

The goal is to understand the person’s background, the quality of his intestinal flora and to evaluate the cause that could be affecting his quality of life.

During another session, an analysis and recommendations in terms of nutrition or behavior may then be made.

Gas Test Protocol

Introduction :

Many gases pass through our digestive system. The detection and measurement of the main types of gas that we emit can be carried out thanks to a very reliable device: the Gas Detect.

Preparations essential for the quality of the test:

  • Fasting since 10 p.m. the day before the test.
  • On the morning of the test, do not put on perfume, deodorant, lipstick or foundation, and not brush your teeth

The consultation / GAS TEST, takes place in 2 stages (2 x 10 min):

  • First gas measurement, with lactulose intake.
  • Second gas measurement, 2 hours later.

Note that there is no analysis of the values ​​measured during these GAZTEST sessions.

Philippe LAVIGNE, specialized therapist, will be able during another appointment to carry out the analysis relating to the various measures, as well as the recommendations and any appropriate prescriptions.


One session of two ten minutes passages
110 CHF

1 session of 2x10 minutes