Phytothérapie chinoise

Plants are true wonders of nature capable of preventing and treating many everyday ailments.

Phytotherapy at la Clinique Naturelle with our phytotherapist Philippe Lavigne (ASCA).

What is phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is the use of plants or herbal preparations (powders, ampoules, infusions, etc.) to treat the various ailments of the human body naturally.

Herbal medicine is certainly one of the best approaches to prevent but also to treat the majority of our daily ailments.

Plants are a prime response to supply the body, in a natural way, with the substances necessary to maintain its vital balance.


A therapeutic approach passed on through the centuries

Over many centuries and continents, men have acquired knowledge of plants and their therapeutic properties. Traditional medicines (Chinese, Indian, South American, African …) are rich in experience accumulated since ancient times.

Today, the effectiveness of “herbal” medicine is recognized and scientifically proved. Its indisputable benefits for our health and its natural dimension have allowed herbal medicine to enter our daily life.

Phytotherapy at La Clinique Naturelle

The Clinique Naturelle uses phytotherapy as a supprot to other treatments, but can also be the subject of specific sessions and prescriptions with our specialists.


One session
140 CHF

1 session 1h00