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How to clean your colon naturally?

“Hydrology of the colon”, “colonic irrigation”, or “hydrotherapy of the colon”, all of those terms actually refer to the same thing. The fundamental goals of this treatment are intestinal relief, maintenance of our good health and well-being. 

This technique of cleansing the colon (also called «large intestine») will clean the digestive tract and obtain positive effects on the whole body. Hydrotherapy of the colon will allow the removal of a good part of the stools and bad bacteria stored in our intestines by using filtered water. We can make a comparison with cleaning the teeth by cleaning our mouth, the entrance door for food. The benefit will be the same with our colon, the way out for our food waste.

But then how can we clean our colon naturally?

There are 4 organs of elimination in our body: the skin through perspiration, the lungs through exhaled air, the kidneys through urine but the main elimination organ remains the colon!

In this article you will learn what hydrology of the colon means, its various effects on the human body and to whom it is addressed. Finally, we will discuss the type of structure that can assist you.

1- Enema and hydrology: what are the differences?

The difference between hydrology of the colon and the intestinal enema is on one hand of the area cleaned and on the other hand the material used and the support offered.

The intestinal enema is an ancestral method, which appeared the time of Hippocrates, more than 4 centuries before JC, and in many ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese…). 

In those times, internal hygiene was often an integral part of the country’s culture. It is still widely used today. The enema will clean the last part of the colon. You can perform an enema alone, at home with simple equipment (a bag, a tube and an anal cannula), and you will find below some explanations and precautions.

Colon hydrology is the result of 4 centuries of progress in medicine and technology.

It seems that Ambroise Paré was the first to develop a colon hydrology machine at the beginning of the 17th century. 

Since then, hydrology is able to cleanse the entire colon safely, i.e. approximately one meter fifty. 

This technique requires on one hand a complete installation including a specific machine and on the other hand a specially trained therapist, often called a colon hygienist. Thanks to the professional and the machine, all the treatment parameters are covered; in particular the temperature of the water, its pressure, the quantity and the back and forth movements of the water.

Hydrology is a safe hygienic technique practiced regularly by thousands of people around the world. We do not use any laxative, nor chemical, only warm, filtered water, to which we may add, according to the needs of the patient, magnesium, chlorophyll, coffee….


2- What are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

The gentle flow of water will gradually loosen and eliminate impurities and bad bacteria stored in our digestive tract. Without this intervention, some food residues cannot be removed properly, andcan contribute to creating inflammation, constipation, diarrhea, tiredness, even food intolerance but can also influence more general problems such as headaches, allergies, etc.

Hydrology is largely recognized as a help with various problems of constipation. Beyond constipation, certain ailments linked to the intestinal and digestive system such as diarrhea and flatulence find good results with this treatment.

Hydrology balances the intestinal flora by eliminating food residues that can get stuck on the walls. By decaying, they can generate bad bacteria, like dental plaque on the oral flora. We can therefore say that hydrology of the colon helps stimulate and strengthen the immune system by detoxifying the body.

The major recent medical discoveries on intestinal microbiota and their positive effects, and also those predicted for the next 10 years, could certainly explain many positive effects for our health, which are the consequences of a better hygiene of the colon, in particular with hydrology.
Hydrotherapy also allows a better assimilation of nutrients, vitamins, better PH regulation. It helps restore vitality to our body.

Colon hydrology and serious pathologies

Thanks to the benefits stated above, hydrology is useful for prevention as well as support outside acute phases. In particular, it is used before or after surgery (with at least three months delay after visceral surgery) or when receiving massive medical treatments. It is also recommended in cases of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease or other digestive diseases (celiac disease or gluten intolerance, etc.). Finally, it is also useful in cases of diabetes, autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.), and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, etc.).

Hydrology of the colon finally allows psychological relief. By allowing the intestines to function better, the brain is relieved of parasitic messages. Many testimonies are received by various specialist.

3- Why cleanse your colon naturally?

Hydrotherapy is not a miraculous. Think of it more as hygiene, prevention, and support.

First, there are physiological reasons to cleanse your colon. We do not realize the large amount of material that passes through our body. This transit is not always as smooth as it should be. Indeed, we often eat too quickly, we swallow (without chewing enough), we eat too much and not always well. Furthermore, we may not do enough regular physical exercise. Another explanation is that the colon is a special organ. It has several bends, and its walls are made of countless folds. Like the whole body, it is a living organ that deforms and ages.
The result of all this is that our colon can be clogged with material on its walls and in its curves (plaques, skin, undigested food, mucus, etc.).

Secondly there are psychological reasons. There are interactions between the brain and the intestines. We have known for quite a long time that these connections are made by hormonal means via the vagus nerve, (feeling of hunger or satiety for example). But science has also shown significant and faster connections via the microbiota. These links between the two organs can cause blockages or malfunctions. By relieving the intestine, indirectly the brain can be relieved. Many patients testify this direction and certain manifestations of liberation even take place during the hydrology session.

4- Who is this colon irrigation treatment for?  

There are different categories of individuals for whom hydrology can be beneficial:

  • People who are into prevention and want to maintain good health.
  • People who realize that they are not eating properly and enjoy too much “junk food”, alcohol, drugs but also people who need support during detoxification, especially those doing a fast (before and after).
  • People with mild disease. Those who often have stomachaches, are constipated, feel bloated, or tired after meals. People who feel heavy, have nausea or bad breath. Finally, we also advice people who have cramps, eczema, skin problems and often a lump in their stomach to do this therapy.
  • If you have a more serious disease, after surgery, intense medical treatment, digestive disease, an autoimmune disease, or a neurodegenerative disease (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and others.), we also recommend this treatment.
  • Hydrology also supports people who need to evacuate psychologically and emotionally (burn-out, depression, divorce, death, etc.).

However please note that there are some contraindications to hydrotherapy : pregnancy, colon cancer, recent visceral surgery and certain inflammatory diseases in the acute phase (except specific prescription from a gastroenterologist).

5- How often should you clean your colon? And how to proceed?

Usually, after two or three fairly close sessions we derive the maximum benefit; but a real well-being is often felt from the first session. 

Indeed, the colon measures around one meter fifty and certain viscosities do not come off during one session. For mild constipation, we usually recommend three hydrologies.

Without specific pathology, to keep our body condition and for well-being, we recommend colon cleansing once a year for a young adult and 2 to 3 times a year for an adult and a senior.

For food fasts lasting five days, one to two hydrologies are recommended during the week before and for two weeks after.

Each case is different, that is why frequency and number will be individually advised by the therapist taking into account health condition, pathologies, current treatments.

It is strongly recommended to receive this type of treatment from qualified and licensed professionals, in dedicated centers and clinics. In Switzerland, accreditation is granted to qualified health professionals (doctor, naturopath and nurse) who have undergone comprehensive training, by an organization approved by the health authorities. In this case, the care may be covered by the complementary insurance depending on the type of insurance subscribed (to be requested in advance from your insurance company).

6- What is the protocol of an ordinary session at the Clinique Naturelle in Geneva?

Before your first appointment for colon hydrology, we will send you a specific protocol on what to eat before and after the treatment in order to prepare your body. 

At the Clinique Naturelle we always start a relationship with a patient with a health history which lasts approximately 30 minutes. We want to fully understand the need of our patient and their history and make sure there is no contraindication. It is also an opportunity to answer all specific questions that the patient may have.

Building confidence during a colon hydrotherapy session

We genuinely care about building the confidence and respecting the experience of our patient. 

This therapy should take place very smoothly. We are convinced that there is a strong connection between the brain and the gut. It is therefore essential to be as calm as possible. Each step requires trust between the patient and the therapist,knowing that we take a major interest in the hygiene and safety of every patients.

We use a modern machine, developed especially for this treatment, which allows the flow, pressure and temperature of the water to be regulated. A sterile single-use cannula connects the machine to the patient’s anus.
Warm water gently penetrates the colon and progresses gradually accompanied by massage. The massage is particularly important as it allows human contact, to sense blockages or tensions, and helps breathing and relaxation. 

When the water comes in, we massage in the opposite direction of transit to help the water to go to the end (the cecum). 

During evacuation phase we massage in the direction of transit, emphasizing the angles (hepatic, splenic and sigmoid loops) without forgetting the plexuses (solar, mesenteric, etc.…). This massage helps to lengthen the mucous membrane. It is like stretching the colon. This movement and the relaxation will gradually hydrateand take off residues attached to the mucous membranes.

Depending on the needs and the patient’s condition, several baths (or round trips of water) will be carried out. The session ends using the toilet, often experienced as a last release, then some recommendations and a soothing herbal tea are provided.

Naturopath, nutritionist
Therapist specializing in colon hydrology since 2008
Co-founder of the Clinique Naturelle in Geneva in 2014

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