Below is a list of answers to the questions most frequently asked by our patients.

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You can pay by credit card (PostFinance is accepted), by cash or by Twint.
The treatment is paid by the patient directly after the appointment. We give you a bill that you can send to your complementary health insurance company.
No, the treatment must be paid for on the spot and we will give you the corresponding bill so that you can request partial or total coverage of the treatment. The reimbursement depends on your complementary health insurance.

The subscription is paid in full after the first session. You will be given a bill for the session after each treatment included in the subscription.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy (working day). Treatments of an hour and a half or more must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. For any cancellation not respecting this time frame, the treatment will be charged.

Most of our therapists have a lot of demand and a last-minute cancellation is detrimental to them and other patients.

No, the treatments at the Clinique Naturelle are covered by the complementary health insurance. There may be exceptions for specific pathology – please refer to your doctor.

Our therapists are ASCA and/or RME certified. Each complementary health insurance company defines a list of therapists that it covers. We recommend that you contact your complementary health insurance company with the name of the therapist you plan to meet at the Clinique Naturelle to check whether your complementary health insurance company will cover the treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any doubt about the name of the therapist you are planning to meet with.

We keep a copy of all your fee notes, so don’t hesitate to contact us again should you miss one.
No, you can make an appointment directly at the Clinique Naturelle without a prescription. The health care of the treatment will depend on your complementary health insurance.
No, the therapists are ASCA and/or RME certified therapists.


There are many blue and white parking spaces in the neighbourhood. At certain times of the day, it may be difficult to find available spaces. In this case, the nearest car park is the Saint Antoine car park (5 minutes’ walk).
Unfortunately, to get to the Clinique Naturelle you must climb ten or so steps and the building does not have a lift. The Clinique Naturelle is therefore not accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

Despite our love for dogs, cats, ferrets … we do not accept pets on our premises for reasons of hygiene and respect for other patients.