anti cellulite

A deep and dynamic massage of the adipose clusters under the skin in order to destock the fatty clusters, soften the tissues and activate the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Anti-cellulite massage at la Clinique Naturelle with Caroline Matthey (ASCA and RME).

Manual palpating-rolling massage

Developed by physiotherapists, the manual anti-cellulite massage is composed of different manual massage techniques, the best known of which consists of forming a fold of skin and cellulite with one’s fingers and rolling it to break up the fatty deposits lodged under the skin.

Cellulite is formed by waterlogged fat cells that form the puffy appearance known as “orange peel” or dimples. The manual Palpate-Roll helps to decongest congested areas, to soften the tissues and to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation in order to eliminate and destock the fatty deposits.

The therapist also uses the cupping technique to activate the blood circulation on the back of the thighs (especially for people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position) in order to facilitate the detachment of the tissues and revascularise the compressed areas correctly.

palper rouler

The benefits of manual palpate and roll

  • Activates lymphatic and venous circulation
  • Smoothes, firms and tones the skin
  • Oxygenates the cells
  • Unclogs tissues and reduces water retention
  • Releases accumulated waste and toxins
  • Relieves swollen legs due to oedema
  • Accelerates lipolysis (fat melting)
  • Helps to eliminate the “orange peel” appearance
  • De-stores fatty deposits

Contra-indications to anti-cellulite massage

Massages are done with vegetable oil. Please let us know if you have any allergies.
This massage is not indicated for pregnant women.
In case of phlebitis, the massage is not recommended. In the case of cancer, a doctor’s approval is recommended.


Note: The price of the anti-cellulite massage increases on January 1, 2024, as it’s a treatment we only perform manually (without a machine) and is very physical for the therapist. The new price will be CHF150 (previously CHF140).

One session
150 CHF

1 session 1h

Five sessions
700 CHF

5 sessions (5x 1h)

Ten sessions
1300 CHF

10 sessions (10x 1h)

Where to find us?

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