massage cicatrice

A massage particularly recommended after surgery (caesarean section…).

Scar massage at La Clinique Naturelle with our specialized therapist Sandrine Rousseau (ASCA and RME).

Poor healing can lead to :

  • Adherent scars (the skin sticks to the tissues under the skin)
  • scars that are too wide or irregular
  • bulges on the scar
  • Loose skin

Massaging a scar helps to soften the scar tissue and avoid adhesions.

When to perform a scar massage

Between 3 and 4 weeks after the operation (unless the pain is acute and requires a doctor’s consultation), it may be appropriate to start massaging the scar to avoid adhesions.

This massage can also be done on an old scar to allow better vascularization.

The scar massage at la Clinique Naturelle

During your 30-minute massage on the scar, if you wish, you will learn how to massage the scar yourself.

We use shea butter for the massage for its nourishing and whitening action.

marques laissées par la grossesse

The benefits of scar massage

Scar massage allows you to :
  • avoid adhesions
  • to restore the skin’s suppleness
  • reduce discomfort
  • reduce redness and swelling


One session
90 CHF

One session lasts 30 min

Where to find us?

Rue Jean-Sénebier 20, Geneva (near Parc des Bastions).