Therapeutic massage is a therapy, a custom-made massage.

The therapist adapts his or her treatment according to the needs you express during the interview at the beginning of the session.

The objective is to relax certain zones, and to work on the zones which are at the origin of its pains.

Therapeutic massage at la Clinique Naturelle with our specialized therapists Sandrine Rousseau (ASCA and RME), Ségolène Algan (ASCA et RME), Cyrille Besson (ASCA) and Enzo Di Bisceglie (ASCA).

Objective of your therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage addresses physical or psychological problems through massage. In other words, therapeutic massage is a technique using massage as therapy.

The benefits of therapeutic massage

It acts on the entire body and makes it possible to:

Massages thérapeutique

Who are your treatments for, and from what age?

This type of massage is suitable for everyone, from the youngest children to the elderly.

Contra-indications to therapeutic massage

Massages are done with vegetable oil. Please let us know if you have any allergies.
This massage is not indicated for pregnant women in their first trimester.
In case of phlebitis, the massage is not recommended.

In the case of cancer, a doctor’s approval is recommended.

(subscription valid for 1 year)


One session
150 CHF

1 session lasts 1h00

Five sessions
700 CHF

5 sessions (5x1h)

Ten sessins
1300 CHF

10 sessions (10x1h)