massage relaxant

This relaxing massage is tailored to your needs. The sensation of well-being you experience allows your mind to switch off and your body to relax.

It’s a precious moment when time stands still, a delicious interlude.

Beyond the pleasure and relaxation of a massage, it also has therapeutic benefits: for example, it reduces stress hormones and improves sleep quality.

Relaxation massage at la Clinique Naturelle with Caroline Matthey (ASCA and RME) and Enzo Di Bisceglie (ASCA and RME).

Objective of your relaxation masage:

The main objective of relaxation massage is to restore harmony to the body, promote relaxation and your well-being.

What are the effects of a relaxation massage?

  • reduces stress
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anxiolytic effects
  • work on physical and psychic tensions

This type of massage may have a positive influence on pathologies of certain internal organs.

This massage is a therapy based on stimuli which provoke a response from the body.

Massages classiques

What are the techniques involved in a relaxing massage?

Relaxation massage is a very popular relaxation and wellness technique. In relaxation massage, the masseuse’s expert hands exert pressure and stretch the connective tissue and muscles. These manipulations have a direct effect on the body, stretching and relaxing contracted muscles.

Relaxation massage uses different massage techniques, such as Californian massage, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, Oriental massage, Thai massage… Each of these massage techniques has its own benefits, depending on the patient’s needs.

It can focus on different parts of the body, such as the back, neck, legs, feet, face, scalp, arms and hands. It can also be combined with other relaxation techniques such as reflexology or lymphatic drainage.

Contra-indications to relaxation massage

Relaxation massages are particularly recommended for stressed or anxious people of all ages.

However, this massage is not indicated for pregnant women in their first trimester. Mothers-to-be are welcome from the thirteenth week of pregnancy for a pregnancy massage.

In cases of phlebitis, massage is not recommended. In the case of cancer, medical approval is recommended.

Massage is a therapy based on stimuli that provoke a response in the body.

Massages are performed on massage tables using vegetable oils. Please let us know if you have any allergies.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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One session
140 CHF

1 session lasts 1h00

Five sessions
650 CHF

5 sessions (5x1h)

Ten sessions
1200 CHF

10 sessions (10x1h)

What are the differences between relaxation and therapeutic massage?

Relaxing massage aims to relax you by massaging different parts of the body, such as the back, legs, feet, face, scalp, arms and hands. Our masseuses and masseurs use gentle techniques to help you let go of muscular tension. It’s a cocooning moment to recharge your batteries!

The therapist can focus on the areas you prefer (back, legs, arches…). The aim is to relax and soothe your body. Unlike spas, beauty salons, massage parlors, gyms or fitness clubs, these massages are given by therapists who are also trained and certified in other therapeutic techniques (therapeutic massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage…) and can therefore advise you as needed.

Therapeutic massage is a practice used to relieve muscular pain, improve blood and lymph circulation, eliminate toxins and promote physical and mental relaxation. It helps you become aware of your body posture. It has therapeutic objectives.

This massage is therefore very different from relaxation massages in that it is tailor-made, with the therapist massaging painful areas and focusing on areas that may be the cause of pain. Practitioners don’t aim for relaxation, but rather to rebalance the body and relieve tension.

For those who prefer targeted face and head massages, we also offer facial massages.

And for those who particularly appreciate foot massages, we also offer reflexology.

You can treat a loved one to one of these massages with a gift voucher.

Where to find us?

Rue Jean-Sénebier 20, Geneva (near Parc des Bastions).