Traditional Chinese Medicine

Médecine traditionnelle Chinoise

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers the different dimensions that impact human health: physical, emotional, psychological. An ancient medicine, it aims to rebalance vital energy, or Qi in Chinese, thanks to its own methods: acupuncture / moxibustion, Tui Na massage, traditional pharmacopoeia, Qi Gong and diet exercises.

«Traditional Chinese Medicine » at La Clinique Naturelle with Eric.


The most widely used TCM method in the West, acupuncture aims to circulate energy in the meridians in a fluid and balanced manner.

Stimulation of acupuncture points using fine needles allows direct access to Qi, which is the advantage of this method. It will also consider the time of the body. Man has twelve major meridians for which each has a predominance of energy for two hours. By considering the time factor to determine the choice of points, the benefits of treatment will be increased tenfold.


Moxibustion consists of heating acupuncture points with a stick or cone of moxa. The latter is made using dried, powdered mugwort leaves. The main effect of moxibustion is to tone energy. To fluidify the circulation of Qi and blood in the meridians. To relieve pain and improve the body’s immunity.


Tui Na is a dynamic massage that loosens tensions in depth so that blood and energy circulate harmoniously again. Its tonic and relaxing action brings immediate relief to tense areas of the body. With acupressure of specific points, Tui Na can act on the Qi of internal organs to reinforce the immunity.


The term Chinese herbal medicine is often used in the West, while traditional pharmacopoeia uses both plants and minerals. Based on the same principles as Chinese dietetics, the remedies allow the body to rebalance energy to restore vitality and the conditions necessary for healing. In Chinese hospitals, the pharmacopoeia is widely used to treat all types of pathologies.

In 2015, researcher Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her research against malaria. It is developing a particularly effective treatment containing artemisinin. Extract of a plant named Artemisia annua, used in pharmacopoeia and whose medicinal properties have been known for millennia in China. Tu Youyou then declared: «Chinese medicine and more particularly pharmacopoeia is a great treasure, I took artemisinin from this treasure.»

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