Caroline Matthey thérapeute en drainage, réflexologie et massage

Caroline Matthey


“Your well-being, my concern. My gentle and in-depth approach to massage and drainage will bring you great relaxation of body and mind.”


  • Lymphatic drainage is indicated for many conditions such as heavy legs, edema, water retention, acne, sinusitis, bruxism, anxiety, stress and many other indications. It is a gentle and slow technique.
  • Massage:
    • The classic Swedish massage can be modulated as a relaxing anti-stress massage to untie knots and muscle tensions, as a sports massage or to stimulate and wake up the musculature.
    • The anti-cellulite massage will allow you to reduce or prevent orange peel skin and restore firmness to your skin. It is a very invigorating massage.
    • The deep tissue massage or deep massage will eliminate your stiffness and long-lasting tension. It is a slow and very intense massage.
    • Moms-to-be can also take care of them when they have back pain or heavy legs or just to think about a moment of well-being.

These different techniques all have an effect on pain, tension, a detox, calming or toning effect depending on the methods used.

Each patient is unique, each massage is personalized.

Training & experiences

ASCA and RME certified for drainage lymphatic and massage.

ASCA certified for reflexotherapy.