Nathalie Favre Coutillet thérapeute en hydrologie du côlon

Nathalie Favre-Coutillet


My many years as a caregiver allowed me to understand how the human body is a formidable machine which must be taken care of in its entirety.

By taking a closer look at intestinal well-being, I was quickly convinced that it was the key to a real approach to overall health.

Thus, colon hydrology is the treatment that allows you to be a real player in your health on the physical level, of course, but also emotionally.

On the strength of these certainties, I therefore decided to devote myself fully to this treatment and thus support people in search of their intestinal well-being.

Her training & experiences

ASCA approved
State Nursing Diploma
University Diploma in Resuscitation Diploma in Colon Hydrology