Eric Zhao thérapeute en médecine chinoise

Eric Zhao


Steeped in both Eastern and Western cultures, Eric has always been passionate about his native culture.

After five years of study at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in acupuncture and Tui Na.

“The key to healing is to give the body back the resources it needs to heal itself. »

ASCA and RME certified.

His journey

I trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 5 years at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai and learned clinically in four different hospitals in China.

I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine namely acupuncture, Tui Na massage, moxibustion and TCM herbal medicine


I begin all my treatments with an anamnesis during which I examine the patient to determine any energy imbalances.

Then we take the time to discuss and develop the different points on which the patient wishes to work. We can then set a goal together for which I choose the appropriate treatment method.


A session lasts 1 hour. I place the needles and let my patient relax to fully benefit from the effect of the stimulation of the acupuncture points. I stay with my patient throughout the session to answer any questions he may have, or take advantage of this time to prescribe an herbal formula if necessary.

Moxibustion and suction cups

I sometimes complement the acupuncture method with moxibustion, or suction cups as needed.

Tui Na massage

A session lasts 1 hour. Depending on the anamnesis, I choose the meridians and points to work on. I then massage to relax the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias along the meridians.

Once these tissues regain their tone and suppleness, I can choose to readjust the alignment of certain joints with very gentle movements.

Training and experiences

– Bachelor of Chinese Medicine with a specialization in Acupuncture/ Tui Na awarded by the People’s Republic of China 2015-2020

– Assistant to the acupuncturist physician at Trinity Clinic in Shanghai 2016-2020

– One year internship at YueYang Hospital in Shanghai in the departments of Acupuncture/Tui Na/Internal Medicine/Geriatrics/Dermatology/Gastroenterology 2019-2020

– Acupuncture/Tui Na internship at XiangShan Hospital in Shanghai 2018

– Acupuncture/ Tui Na internship at DongFang Hospital in Shanghai 2017

– Acupuncture/ Tui Na internship at ZhouJiaDu Hospital in Shanghai 2016