YOUR PILATES COURSES associated with the Garuda method

During a Pilates session you learn to know your body, you work on your deep muscles and you use your mind and spirit to coordinate your movements with your breathing.
The goal of regular practice is to strengthen your muscles and improve your concentration, flexibility and breathing.

Combined with Pilates, Garuda adds a strong work of mobility and flexibility.

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Why practice Pilates with the Garuda Method?

These two methods complement each other perfectly and allow you to go further in the Pilates repertoire of exercises. The movements are rythmed by the breathing, the search for alignment and the precision of the gestures.

The results of this combination of Pilates and Garuda are striking:

  • More strength: the deep muscles are solicited and work throughout the session. The body is gently firmed up and the silhouette is refined.
  • More flexibility: the regularity and intensity of the exercises allow a significant gain in mobility.
  • Less muscle tension thanks to breathing: the muscles are better oxygenated and therefore more relaxed.
  • Better coordination: the sequence of movements coordinated with breathing requires permanent concentration.
  • Reduction of back pain: postural muscles are strengthened and joints are loosened.

Courses are taught by Muriel.

Muriel has 25 years of teaching and professional experience in physical training which enriches her two state diplomas.

As a sports enthusiast, and particularly a runner, she has seen the importance of complementing sports sessions with work on posture and therefore deep muscles. This allows the body to age better.

She therefore completes her knowledge during continuing education courses in Pilates, Garuda, Rose Pilates and anatomy through movement. 

Muriel accompanies you to take care of your health. 

Her goal is to allow you to reach more ease in your mobility, to increase your strength, to develop your endurance, your balance and to move away from the uncomfortable postures of everyday life around a sequence of movements, as efficient as possible. 

It “re” sets the body in motion after a period of sedentary life or post-rehabilitation. 

To make you feel the right placements and lead you to a better awareness of your body schema, she observes you and adjusts your postures. 

Muriel adapts to everyone.

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Pilates is accessible to all and classes can be done in groups (5 people maximum) or privately and will be adapted to your needs.

It is possible to join a group class whatever your level.

Private lessons, please send us your request. We will find a time that suits you.


Classes last 1 hour 

Individual course : CHF 1200/10 sessions

Group course : CHF400/ 10 sessions

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