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* Wellness massage: are you looking for a cocooning gift?

Choose the gift voucher “Wellness Massage” 1 hour. Your loved one can choose to let go during a relaxing body massage, a wonderful face massage or a gentle reflexology session.

This gift is suitable for pregnant women from the second trimester.

** Manual Therapy: Looking for a personalized treatment?

With the 1-hour Manual Therapy gift voucher, your loved one can choose the manual technique that best suits them: cranial chi nei tsang (belly and head massage), lymphatic drainage, tui na massage, sports massage or therapeutic massage.

This gift is suitable for pregnant women from the second trimester.

*** Workshops: Are you looking for an educational and fun gift?

Choose the Massage or Nutrition Workshop gift certificate for 1h30.

Massage workshop: your loved one will learn massage techniques to practice on their relatives: back massage, foot massage, chair massage...

Nutrition workshop: your loved one will learn how to improve his or her daily diet: Chinese dietetics, deciphering food labels, healthy cooking in a busy daily life....

Looking for the perfect gift?

Choose your amount! Your loved one can then choose the treatment(s) he or she prefers from all of our therapies based on the amount offered.

We also offer subscriptions for five or ten sessions.

If your loved one is not sure which therapy would be best for them, we will be happy to answer questions, advise and guide them.

Our gift vouchers are valid for one year.


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