cicatrice en post-opératoire

In order to soften the scar tissue and avoid adhesions, it is appropriate to start massaging the scar between 5 and 8 weeks after the operation, unless the pain is acute and requires a doctor’s consultation.  

This massage can also be done on an old scar to allow better vascularization.

Edema is a normal reaction of the body after surgery. The lymphatic system must take care of removing germs, damaged cells and blood spills (bruises) from the surgery.

Without treatment, swelling can last from one week to several months. The lymphatic system, overwhelmed, can sometimes go into fibrillation and no longer be effective.

By stimulating it through drainage, the edema and bruises are reduced more quickly, which also allows the patient to regain mobility more quickly (a swollen joint cannot bend). Convalescence is shortened.

This treatment must be recommended by your doctor.

Please report any problem of hypertension, heart or kidney failure, thrombosis, high blood pressure that may be a contraindication to drainage.

Thank you for announcing the presence of an implant or a pregnancy: a drainage is always possible but in accordance with the area of the implant and from the 3rd month of pregnancy.

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