personne satisfaite de sa gestion du poids

Why is it important to seek personalized support for weight loss?

In addition to aesthetic reasons, there are medical reasons that can motivate weight loss or a dietary rebalancing (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes).

Weight loss is evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to physiological data, the patient’s problems, lifestyle and other factors (stress, sedentary lifestyle, sleep, genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, unbalanced microbiota…). 

All these parameters are essential for the implementation of an adapted, effective and sustainable program.

The objectives and the protocol will therefore be different for each person.

First of all, we evaluate the person’s needs during a nutrition consultation.

Nutritional consultation for an adapted weight loss

  1. Analysis of your typical day in terms of food and your last blood test.
  2. Anamnesis which consists of asking a certain number of questions concerning your medical history and your lifestyle in order to establish your profile.
  3. This is completed by a measurement of your physiological data with an impedance meter scale in order to establish a realistic objective and to follow the effectiveness of the protocol precisely.
  4. Then the therapist will set up an action plan with you, with tailor-made nutritional recommendations and, if necessary, a prescription for food supplements.
  5. Following the consultation, you will receive by email a complete report of your session, nutritional advice and menu suggestions adapted to your problem.
  6. In order to obtain the best results, a follow-up over several sessions is generally necessary. Between each consultation, your nutritionist will answer your questions by email if needed.

If necessary, the therapist can recommend parallel work on factors that could be linked to weight gain (stress, sleep…).

In addition, it is essential to combine physical exercise with a balanced diet. We can also advise you on this point and follow your efforts during your follow-up sessions.

To learn more, you can read our article “Weight loss: how your nutritionist can help you lose weight permanently?

If you are not sure, you can talk to Caroline, a nutritionist, for free during a 15-minute assessment and evaluate your problem. Send us a message to get in touch by clicking here.

Successful weight loss: acting on the cause

Often, weight loss is compromised for psychological reasons (stress, addictions, blockages…).

It is advisable to work on these problems in order to reach your weight loss goals.

As mentioned earlier, weight management can be hindered by a number of factors.

It is advisable to determine these factors with the greatest attention in order to obtain the best results.

In sophrology, any protocol begins with a long session of anamnesis aiming at better understanding you, your request and your needs. The objective is to determine the sources of your weight management problems. They can be linked to your motivations, to a lack of confidence or self-esteem, or to stress and anxiety that sometimes lead to food urges.

As the sessions progress and as you evolve, the protocol is adjusted in order to get as close as possible to your problems and your needs.

Each protocol is unique and made to measure for the patient. It consists of personalized breathing and dynamic relaxation exercises as well as “sophronizations” that will help you to achieve a true sense of well-being and a greater awareness of your body and mind.

With the help of simple exercises, the regular practice of sophrology will allow you to face the challenges related to weight management with more serenity and confidence, while filling you with vitality.

Remember that sophrology is an effective practice with immediate benefits and that it requires regular training, called sophro-training, outside of the sessions with the therapist, for deep and lasting effects.

Our body is designed to adapt and defend itself in case of traumatic or emotional aggressions. But when an aggression is superior to our body’s defense possibilities, it is memorized. Weight gain can be linked to an emotional block recorded by our body.

It is through light stimulations on the body, or “micropalpations” that the therapist looks for the traces left by these aggressions in our body. He dates them approximately.

These micropalpations stimulate the self-correction mechanisms and trigger the process of restoring their functions.

Accompanying weight loss with acupuncture

Acupuncture can support your body in losing weight:

                – By speeding up the metabolism to burn calories faster

                – By decreasing the hunger hormone (ghrelin). This can help you cut down on cravings

                – By decreasing the size of fat cells (slimming the figure). This can be done on different parts of the body, to reduce the size, tone the tissues of the thighs, arms or neck.

For more information on acupuncture here.

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