Auriculotherapy at la Clinique Naturelle with Eric Zhao, and Chunhui Yu Bangerter (Helen) ASCA and RME certified therapists.

What is auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine aimed at stimulating specific points located on the external ear to address certain energetic imbalances. Indeed, there are approximately 250 acupressure points on our ear, each corresponding to different parts of our body. Through the ear, we can represent the technical mapping of the organs of the human body.

How does auriculotherapy work?

The practitioner will apply pressure to one or more areas, based on the ear mapping, using small seeds of Vaccaria (derived from the Vaccaria plant).

These small seeds will be protected by tiny flesh-colored adhesive patches and left on the patient’s ear. Through gentle daily manual stimulation, they will ensure that the therapeutic effect persists for several days between sessions.

What benefits?

This technique has numerous benefits on the body and has the advantage of providing relief to various parts of the body.

  • Relieves painful areas of the body, both acute and chronic (sciatica, joint pain, muscle tension, tendonitis)
  • Alleviates daily discomforts (migraines, back pain, allergies…)
  • Soothes emotional and physical tensions related to stress and anxiety Improves sleep quality (insomnia)
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Aids in smoking cessation and addiction control

Auriculotherapy is often implemented in conjunction with acupuncture.



One session
160 CHF

A session is practiced during an acupuncture session and lasts 1 hour