Naturopathy covers a set of natural therapies (nutrition, phytotherapy, and others) that complement traditional medicine (allopathy) and aim at balancing the functioning of the body. Its objective is to preserve and restore the health capital by drawing its inspiration from different disciplines.

Naturopathy does not seek to treat a symptom but rather to identify the underlying causes of a problem and thus help the body to fight it.

The naturopath will pick the approach which seems to him the most judicious for his patient from a very vast therapeutic arsenal.

Please find below the proposed therapies: 

You don’t know which therapy would be the most adapted to your problem? Then don’t hesitate to ask for your personalized assessment, it is free and carried out with our founder, Marie-Anne Geiser, naturopath.

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Wo are we?

We are a natural therapy center based in Geneva where a dozen professionals practising specialties collaborate in order to take care of each patient individually with a hollistic approach.

The follow-up is personalized.

We have developed four areas of expertise:

We have started to complete our multi-therapeutic approach and offer Qi Gong and Pilates classes in private or small groups so that the follow-up can be adapted to the students.

In addition, we are developing a range of workshops. The proposed workshops respond to everyday problems (nutrition, massage, diy…).

Is the care covered by my complementary health insurance?

Our therapists are all certified by the ASCA and some are also certified by RME.

The ASCA (Swiss foundation for complementary medicine) and RME (register of empirical medicine) are certifications recognized by insurance companies for persons with complementary insurance.

To check your coverage, we recommend that you contact your insurance company and give them the name of the therapist and the treatment you wish to have.

Some complementary insurances have limits, do not hesitate to ask them where you stand for the current year.