It is now possible to affirm that the development of the foetus is also linked to the feelings of the mother. Thanks to a study published by the website The Conversation, conducted by two researchers from the University of Rennes, proof has been provided that the mother’s emotions and psychological state play a major role […]

How acupuncture can help you during your pregnancy and postpartum period ? During pregnancy and the post partum period, the body and mind can be put to a severe test. Morning sickness, back pain, bloating, stomach upsets, fatigue, stress… discomforts that can quickly become unbearable. Acupuncture, a branch of Chinese medicine dating back tho

Weight loss: how can your nutritionist help you lose weight permanently? In most industrialised countries, the proportion of adults who are overweight or obese is historically high. Indeed, more than 30% of the Swiss population is not at a healthy weight and more than 10% is obese. Of this percentage of overweight population, a very […]

  In a very short time, the virus pandemie and containment policies have changed our way of thinking. Our reactions are different and unique to each of us. Our body or emotions react “as they can” to face this psychic agression. This virus has become a significant factor of fear and anxiety. Some even lose […]