grossesse et post-partum

During pregnancy and postpartum, the body and mind are put to the test.

Find below the different accompaniments proposed according to the stage of your pregnancy/post partum:

Your first trimester (up to and including week 13)

During the first trimester, manual care is not recommended with the exception of acupuncture.

“Acupuncture can significantly reduce digestive discomforts that may occur throughout your pregnancy such as nausea, heartburn or constipation. These symptoms occur as a result of hormonal changes. According to Chinese medicine, these changes cause energy imbalances that induce these discomforts.

On the other hand, it can help you in cases of great fatigue, insomnia, anxiety or even in the case of a depressive state. Developing life is not easy! Indeed, the fact of “feeding” the fetus can cause voids, especially on the Kidney meridians. The diagnosis made during the session allows us to identify these voids and acupuncture acts on the subtle rebalancing of the body for a renewal of energy.

Moreover, when your belly becomes round and heavy, it is very common to start suffering from back pain, pelvic pain, rib pain or sciatica. These are all symptoms of a disturbance in the flow of qi (energy) and blood in the meridians or of an energy imbalance in the internal organs.

By stimulating the acupuncture points, the circulation is re-established and the pain fades until it eventually disappears. In parallel with your acupuncture treatment, it is of course important that you maintain a rhythm of life that does not exhaust you. If you suffer from digestive problems, limit heavy meals, spicy, rich, fatty or fried foods, canned meats, chocolate, alcohol and soft drinks. See your gynecologist regularly and ask all your questions (there is no wrong question).”

Excerpt from our article Acupuncture and Pregnancy

Your second trimester (from week 14)

Le corps change tout au long de la grossesse et cherche à s’adapter à ces changements par de nouvelles postures pas toujours adéquates qu’on appelle les postures de compensation.

Les massages vont vous aider pour des problématiques ciblées ou pour de la détente.

Ils permettent également une meilleure récupérationThe body changes throughout the pregnancy and tries to adapt to these changes by new postures not always adequate called compensation postures.

Massages will help you for targeted problems or for relaxation.

They also allow a better recovery.

“It is now possible to affirm that the development of the fetus is also linked to the feelings of the mother.

Thanks to a study published by the website The Conversation, conducted by two researchers from the University of Rennes, proof is provided that the emotions and psychological state of the mother have a prominent role in the evolutionary process of the baby. In utero, the developing fetus learns about the outside world and shapes itself thanks to this bond forged from conception.”

Excerpt from our article Microkinesitherapy, pregnancy and child.

Microkinesitherapy can help eliminate disorders/blockages that our body has stored following light or heavy trauma and have a more serene pregnancy.

Envisioning childbirth, managing the postpartum period, becoming a mother are steps that can generate anxiety.

Sophrology can help you prepare for these stages.

Your third trimester

As you approach term, the thought of childbirth can be a source of real anxiety for many women. Acupuncture can help you prepare your body and your baby’s body.

Baby’s position from the 34th week

Concerning the baby’s position, the stimulation of acupuncture points allows him to increase his ability to move, and to turn in the most favorable position for the birth and to stay there.

In an Italian study of 260 primiparous women with a breech presentation at their 33rd week of pregnancy, 130 of them were treated with Chinese medicine for a period of 7 days, and 130 were in the control group. In the first group 75.4% of the babies turned over, compared to 47.7% in the control group.

Other studies have shown that the best time to flip the baby into the breech position is at 34 weeks, before the baby is too big. So don’t wait until 38 weeks to come in for acupuncture. Maximize your chances.

Preparation for childbirth from the 37th week

From the 37th week of pregnancy, it is possible for the patient to follow a prenatal acupuncture treatment once a week to prepare for childbirth. The goal of prenatal acupuncture is to increase the efficiency of labor by reducing its duration, but also to decrease the risk of medical interventions and cesarean section during delivery.

One study showed that the average length of labor for women giving birth for the first time was 8 hours and 2 minutes for the 70 women in the control group, compared to 6 hours and 36 minutes for those (70 women) who had received prenatal acupuncture treatment.

Indeed, some acupuncture points have the action of relaxing the cervix and the pelvis, others can help induce labor. Most women notice an increase in uterine contractions after 1 to 2 prenatal acupuncture sessions. It is for these reasons that this work is only done from the 37th week of pregnancy.

Excerpt from our article Acupuncture and Pregnancy

It is recommended for pregnant women who often have heavy legs due to the pressure of the baby, their hormonal system and sitting.

Lymphatic drainage provides a feeling of well-being and lightness because the lymph has been drained towards the veins, the heart and finally the urine. Indeed, the lymphatic circulation has been stimulated and the toxins are evacuated.

Envisioning childbirth, managing the postpartum period, becoming a mother are steps that can generate anxiety.

Sophrology can help you prepare for these stages.

Your postpartum

In many Asian countries, the month of rest following childbirth is considered extremely important to help mothers through the physiological and psychological transitions.

Indeed, the 30-day period (some texts speak of 100 days [4]) following childbirth requires toning of the body to replenish blood and energy lost during pregnancy and childbirth.

Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs, as well as an appropriate diet, allows the new mother to quickly regain her energy level, while avoiding inconveniences such as post-partum depression often called “baby-blues”.

In addition, Chinese medicine can help solve other problems that may appear in the period following childbirth, such as persistent uterine bleeding, uterine cramps or insufficient lactation.

Along with the acupuncture treatment, it is imperative that the mother has enough time to rest, while having a proper diet and physical exercises. Let’s keep in mind that the mother has to recover from childbirth and a nine-month pregnancy, which takes time.

Excerpt from our article Acupuncture and Pregnancy

It may be appropriate to start massaging your scar between 4 and 5 weeks after delivery to avoid adhesions, unless it is still red or if the pain is acute and requires consultation with your doctor.

During your 30-minute massage, you will learn how to massage the scar yourself, if you wish.
We use shea butter for the massage for its nourishing and whitening action.

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